Bird Flu: Over 11000 Birds Culled in Maharashtra; Delhi Bans Sale, Storage of Poultry Products

Taking preventive measures in the wake of bird flu, on Wednesday the Maharashtra government culled over 11,000 birds in Kendrewadi and Sukni villages of Latur district to stop the spread of avian influenza.

Cases -

Why is Nature so beautiful to us?

Nature is beautiful because it is alive, moving, reproductive. In nature we observe growth and development in living things, contrasted with the static or deteriorating state of the vast majority of that which is man-made. ... Nothing is quite beautiful alone: nothing but…

Earth is the only planet in the solar system where life is possible. As long as driven by our greed we humans misuse the Earth’s resources. The resources Earth provides us with are limited. They are blessings which we humans cannot count. …

We have only one Earth, save it..!!

The bounty of the earth is not inexhaustible. Driven by greed, we abuse the earth’s resources. …

Saving Mother Earth 🌼

The Earth is the ultimate mother – an astounding planet that has, since time immemorial, supported life in myriad forms. But we can never outgrow our reliance on Mother Earth. As long as we live, we need air, water, fertile soil and the countless other gifts this planet bestows.


I am Gaayathri. Amity International School. I really care about our Mother Earth. I am a member of Earth awareness campaign.

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